Health Authority Board Coming To Liverpool

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2019 21:10 PM

Residents of Liverpool will be the first in the province to get a look inside a Health Authority meeting.

In a bid to be more open, the NSHA is holding one public meeting per year in each of the four health zones.

Board Chair Frank van Schaayk says the board promised open meetings at their Annual General Meeting last year.

"We started actually posting board highlights on our websites last fall to also enhance the transparency of what we're dong. So it was following through on a promise that we made."

van Schaayk says attendees are asked to complete an online survey.

The results will be discussed in a session being held tonight ahead of the meeting.

"In the previous sessions in fact, we've had a discussion circle where topics other than the ones that were selected could be raised. But we like to do the survey, determine what's on people's minds and address that directly."

The discussion session for the Western Zone will take place at Queens Place Emera Centre beginning promptly at 6:00pm tonight (May 21).

The board meeting will follow tomorrow morning (Wednesday, May 22) at the Liverpool Best Western at 8:25am.

Anyone wishing to attend must register in advance by following this link.

Reported by: Ed Halverson
Twitter: @edwardhalverson
E-mail: [email protected]