SHAID Expands After Five Years of Saving

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2017 09:02 AM

Five years of saving has led to some much-needed renovations at Bridgewater's animal shelter.

SHAID held it's grand re-opening last weekend to show the public what their donations helped fund.

Danny Lohnes, president of the board of directors for SHAID says the upgrades have not only affected staff, but the animals as well.

"We have a brand new kitten room. There's a big window, and you can look in. It socializes them more. Instead of being put in small cages and the mother seperate from the kittens, now they're all in one big room," says Lohnes.

New additions to the shelter include a relinquishing room that provides privacy, a meet and greet room and a quarantine room for cats.

Lohnes says the upgrades are already making a huge difference.