Atlantic Artifacts To Stay Put

Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017 14:09 PM

Atlantic Canada's cultural artifacts will stay in Nova Scotia.

The previous federal government had arranged to close several storage facilities around the country and move the artifacts to a centralized location in Quebec.

Most of those facilities needed to be modernized to protect the contents.

But the Woodside Dartmouth Archaeology Lab met the standards of protection.

Bernadette Jordan, MP for South Shore-St. Margaret's and her Atlantic Caucus colleagues raised the issue with Parks Canada.

"Once we did some research into it and realized that it was just lumped in with the four other facilities, we were very vocal in making sure that the artifacts that are in Nova Scotia, that are for Nova Scotians, that are from Nova Scotia stay in Nova Scotia."

Jordan says the region worked too hard to gather these items and they need to stay.

"To take them out of volunteers who have worked hard to bring things out from Beaubassin, from Joggins, and take them to Gatineau just didn't sit well with some of us. They're our artifacts."

Jordan says many of the artifacts are from early Mi'kmaq and colonial sites.

The collection will now remain available locally for study and to loan to museums for the public to enjoy.