Officials Calling For Campers To Be Cautious About Fires

Posted on Friday, August 11, 2017 13:21 PM

Pleasant is how most South Shore residents would describe the weather conditions this summer.

After last year's near-drought conditions, the milder temperatures and occasional rainfall are very welcome.

Jim Rudderham with the Department of Natural Resources is optimistic we won't be in the same situation as last year.

"Last year we were in a drought condition for most of the summer. We had extreme extremes which is not normal for us. It did get a little dry there last week. So, we are very happy that we got the rain. It's a typical season that has been coming through right now."

Rudderham says people still need to be vigilant.

"Daily, they must check the burn restrictions to see if it's safe to have a campfire or to burn. And we know, because we have our network of weather stations across the province. And do that everyday to make sure whether they can do that or not."

Rudderham says the most recent rainfall wet the top layer of soil.

But because the ground didn't get a good soaking, he expects to see burn restrictions back in place this weekend.