'Curl for Cancer' Coordinator Beaming With Pride After Weekend Event

Posted on Monday, February 11, 2019 12:06 PM

A small community rallied to raise money against a terrible disease.

Eight teams participated in this year's 'Curl for Cancer' in Liverpool, falling $28 short of their fundraising goal of $6,000.

Junior curlers Calley Conrad and Kolby Thompson raised $1,552 for the event.

Coordinator Meghan MacAdams says she's proud of the two youngsters.

"They just ran around and they worked really hard to get a lot of pledges. They did an amazing job."

She adds the overall community support has been amazing.

"The people that showed up and participated and donated, they did a wonderful job. I was amazed again this year at how people will rally together and support a very good cause."

Money will be given to the Canadian Cancer Society for lung cancer research.

Reported by: Nick Yorston
Twitter: @NickYorston
E-mail: [email protected]