Bridgewater Police Involved In Crash

Posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 13:58 PM

A two vehicle crash on Highway 10 yesterday involved a Bridgewater Police car.

Around 4:45 last evening, a Bridgewater Police Service vehicle collided with a pickup truck on Hwy. 10 near Pine Grove.

Lunenburg RCMP responded to the call and determined the police vehicle was turning at the the time.

No one was injured and both vehicles sustained minor damage.

Acting Bridgewater Police Chief Scott Feener says the officer was trying to pull over a speeding car.

"[He] Attempted to turn around and stop that vehicle. During the course of making his turn, he did back up into a vehicle which had stopped for him."

RCMP say Highway 10 was closed for a period of time while they examined the scene.

The investigation is ongoing.