Town Of Lunenburg Concerned Around Drilling On Scotian Shelf

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018 15:50 PM

Lunenburg Town Council is concerned about a new oil rig about to enter the waters off the South Shore.

The Canadian Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board granted the Seadrill West Aquarius permission to move into position on the Scotian shelf.

As yet, the company in charge of the rig, BP has not received permission to begin drilling.

Residents have brought concerns to council about the impact drilling could have on the tourism and fishing industries.

Mayor Rachel Bailey says the town committed to writing a letter on behalf of that group to the petroleum board.

"Even one small action can have a significant ripple effect. As a municipal government, we want to represent the concerns of our citizens."

Bailey feels their voice can have an impact.

"I'm optomistic that we will be heard. Processes take a long time to get put in place and they take a long time to be revised."

Our newsroom contacted Nova Scotia's Energy Minister Geoff McLellan for comment.

His office said any questions about the rig should be directed to the petroleum board.