Queens County Poet Launches First Book

Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2018 12:04 PM

A local poet is launching his first solo book this weekend.

Cory Lavender's chapbook - Lawson Roy's Revelation is largely centered around family and his love of the South Shore.

Lavender recently moved back to Queens County, along with his wife.

But even while living away, he found himself writing about the area.

"I do think the culture is maintained in a way here that maybe it isn't in other areas and it's interesting," says Lavender. "And just the characters, the characters that come out of a place."

The title of the book is the same as one of his poems, told in the voice of his grandfather, a lobsterman from Port Mouton.

The chapbook also features other poems inspired by family and local surroundings.

"I kind of half remember his voice and I'm kind of half imagining it myself," says Lavender. "I try to use some of the things he used to say, like he always used to say 'come one thing another' a lot."

The book officially launches today at 4 pm at the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre in Liverpool.

Lavender will also take part in another reading at Lahave River Books on April 20. Author Susan Gillis will also be there.