White Lights Not Always The Right Lights According To Lunenburg County Woman

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 11:53 AM

The discussion around LED lighting in Lunenburg continues.

The town has until 2022 to convert all streetlights to LEDs.

Resident, Anke Holm says not enough thought has been put into how the colour of the new lighting will impact the town.

Some streetlights have already been replaced with LED lighting that casts a white light similar to fluorescent office lighting.

At the recent Town of Lunenburg concil meeting, Holm presented information to show the new white LED light isn't actually safer than what currently exists.

She produced studies to show the harsh light can actually impede drivers ability to see at night.

She asked council to explore the option of using a more yellow coloured LED that would maintain the existing ambiance as well as be safer for drivers.

"There are several researches which actually show the safety is not higher because of it, it's directly the opposite."

Holm says LEDs are available which would mimic the yellowish light the town is known for.

"We have such a treasure here in Lunenburg, something so special," she says.

"We have to be very careful that the ambience of this historic town needs to be preserved."

The town will be looking into what colour options are available before they commit to replacing all the lights.