Nova Scotia Urging Citizens To Practice 'Tick Safety'

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 12:50 PM

It's important to be 'tick safe' when you're outside.

In Nova Scotia, the estimated risk area map which measures the risk of getting lyme disease from a blacklegged tick bite is high for most of the mainland.

Savia Pye, the province's communicable disease prevention and control consultant says simple things like wearing long sleeve shirts and pants can help.

"Avoid longer grasses as well, and most importantly, do a tick check. Once you've enjoyed your activity, check your whole body for ticks. All of NS is considered an at-risk area, so protect yourself just as you would from the sun."

Pye says there are many species of ticks in the province, and not all blacklegged ticks carry the disease.

But she says the number of reported cases of lyme disease has increased over the years.