December 2017

Harbour House Sees Increase In Need Over Holiday Season

Posted on Sunday, December 10, 2017 07:53 AM

Christmas season is a time of joy, but also a time of high stress.

Harbour House in Bridgewater sees an increase of need for women and children over the holidays.

Executive Director Jennifer Gagnon says this is typically due to added emotional and financial stressors.

"It's just a number of different things. Just high stress times that trigger things, not that they don't happen at other times, too," she says.

"Some cases women want to see other people in their family, and it will intensify because perhaps their partner won't want them to."

It's Human Rights Day Across Canada

Posted on Sunday, December 10, 2017 06:01 AM

It's Human Rights Day across the country.

Today marks 70 years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This year Human Rights Day kicks-off a year-long campaign to mark it's anniversary.

Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission CEO Christine Hanson was in Halifax on Friday to recognize youth, organizations and individuals from the province for their efforts.

She says it's very important to work with youth because they see the need to continually fight for human rights.

"They are the future."

Gold Boxes Set Up Around Lunenburg County Raise Money For The Arts

Posted on Sunday, December 10, 2017 06:01 AM

It's a new kind of 50/50 draw.

The Lunenburg Foundation for the Arts set up gold Toonie Toss boxes in businesses around Bridgewater, Lunenburg and Mahone Bay.

The game started in November, and David Penney with the Foundation says there is no end-date in sight.

"Being a 50/50 draw, we do it every Saturday," he says.

"So, people contribute - they put their coins in the boxes, on Saturdays we go out, collect everything and we pick a winner."

The variation on the classic 50/50 draw helps raise money for Arts in Lunenburg County.

Mayor Sees Bridgewater Success Has International Appeal

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 16:14 PM

A trip to France led to some unexpected results for the Mayor of Bridgewater.

David Mitchell travelled to Clermont-Ferrand to attend the International Network of Michelin Cities conference.

Officials from 30 cities around the world with a Michelin factory met to discuss how to improve sustainability.

Mitchell addressed the conference regarding the Energize Bridgewater plan.

Cannabis Costs To Be Discussed At National Finance Ministers Meeting

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 15:55 PM

Nova Scotia's Finance Minister will be meeting with her federal and provincial counterparts next week.

Karen Casey says it's routine for the finance ministers to meet every six months.

While she's there, she will be discussing who will foot the bill when cannabis becomes legal.

"We're looking at what our costs will be and we'll be asking the federal government to identify what their costs will be. I think those bits of information need to be on the table before there's ever a determination of what that split might be."

South Shore Public Libraries Add Three More Radon Detection Kits

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 13:43 PM

More Radon Detector Kits means more healthy homes.

South Shore Public Libraries added three new kits to their inventory, for a total of five.

Chief Librarian Troy Myers says they're still in hot demand.

"We're hoping this will make the que kind of dissipate a litte bit quicker, but if the demand stays really hot then we will get some more and look to find a way to do that."

Myers says Nova Scotia has high levels of radon in homes.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, right after smoking, according to The Lung Association Nova Scotia.

NSLC Ramping Up ID Checks Next Year

Posted on Friday, December 8, 2017 11:40 AM

If you shop at a Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation store in our region next year, don't be surprised if you're carded more frequently.

It may depend on how young you look.

In an effort to crack down on the use of fake ID cards, the NSLC has issued an RFP for companies to bid on a contract for the scanner technology.

NSLC spokesperson Beverley Ware says next year it will be mandatory for those who look under 30 to have their identification scanned.

Province Announces Plans Around The Legalization of Cannabis

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:42 PM

Government began rolling out its plan to regulate the sale of recreational cannabis today.

The legal age to purchase cannabis in Nova Scotia will be set 19.

Justice Minister Mark Furey feels this strikes a balance and meets the province's objectives.

"The age of 19 strikes a balance between our ability to continue to protect public health, but at the same time mitigate the illicit market and transition to a legal, regulated market."

The province will sell it through the NSLC, however not all outlets will keep it in stock.

Massive Undertaking But Worth It Says Chair Of Independent Commission On Inclusive Education

Posted on Thursday, December 7, 2017 12:08 PM

The chair of the independent Commission On Inclusive Education says the job of recommending how to fix the system is a massive undertaking.

The Commission's interim report, issued in June, said inclusive education in Nova Scotia is largely failing both students with special needs and their peers.

Dr. Sarah Shea says they continue to hear from people.

"The more you look the more you realize that there are other things you need to explore. It's a huge undertaking but it's important. We have notr met a single person who said 'it's fine , you don't need to do anything.'